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The Global Trust Center Agenda

.:: The Global Trust Center

The Global Trust Center (GTC) is an independent international organisation that examines and addresses the outstanding fundamental issues that weaken the standing of the user in the advancing information society. The mission of the GTC is to place the individual user at the centre of all digital interactions and to reaffirm fundamental values of legality, integrity and accountability.

It offers a unique avenue for freestanding research and analysis in this area, engaging all key stakeholders, spanning and integrating the related aspects of technology, legal requirements, economic performance and organisational interactions.

Through the International Council, the GTC offers a forum for governments, businesses and civil society to advance the dialogue how to develop and implement the required solutions at global level.

By developing the Global Trust Center Policy on Enabling Trust in the Digital World, the GTC formulates requirements for what functionality needs to be put in place in order to enable trust in digital interactions and allow for seamless transition, both ways, between the digital and the real world.

In short, to achieve its objectives, the Global Trust Center acts as:

  • A champion of the user's rights in the digital world;
  • A venue for research and analysis addressing the outstanding issues confronting users in the information society;
  • An authority on the definition and communication of best practice and guidance on issues of digital identity and trust;
  • A forum for action-oriented policy work to overcome national and sectoral differences and formulate requirements for global solutions applying to the digital world and its interface with the real world;
  • An enabler for the individual user to transition, seamlessly, between the physical world and its multiple jurisdictions and the digital world.




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